Whether it be your carpet, or your finest upholstery, to keep it looking cleaner, longer, you really do need the application of a Carpet or Fabric Protector.

Not all protectors are equal, some fabrics or fibres require a water based protector, whilst others are better suited to a solvent based protector.


Many carpets today have a protector applied at the mill, this wears down with age and traffic and should be re-applied after cleaning to further preserve the life and condition of the carpet.

If you are considering having your carpets cleaned, then we can also apply an after-market protector immediately the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned by us, to the Australian Standard 3733.

A protector will help repel most stains and will also clean up better when cleaning is next due.


We recommend the application of a fabric protector for all new furniture, to help retain that “brand new” look and also to ensure that it is not permanently stained prematurely.

When purchasing new furniture, enquire not only to the price of the protector, but most importantly:

What is the experience of the person applying the protector.

Has this person been professionally trained to apply the protector by the manufacturer.?

Sadly, many are simply told to “spray that lounge” with protector, resulting in an inferior protection.

Shorty was trained and appointed as a certified fabric

protection technician by 3M Scotchgard in June 1986

We can apply protector to your NEW FURNITURE for you in your own home, (at very competitive rates), so that you know that it has been applied correctly.

We can also apply fabric protector to any furniture that we have just cleaned for you.

Protector applied after cleaning, results in a 25% cost saving to the owner for the protector application.

We WILL NOT apply a protector to any furniture or carpet that has been in use due to any soiling being present that the protector may seal-in.

The furniture or carpet MUST be cleaned (apart from new items), prior to applying a protector.

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