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Cairns Commercial Carpet Care (our commercial arm),

in October 2013 was awarded with:


Still the ONLY Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner WORLDWIDE to receive this award

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Thinking of buying new furniture or having your current furniture cleaned ??

It’s a very wise move to have it Fabric Protected as soon as possible.

Fabric Protection allows you time to gently blot away any spills before they become a possible permanent stain..

Will Fabric Protection stop all spills?

No, it’s not perfect by all means, it won’t stop items such as bleach or other liquids such as battery acid, but for normal household spills such as beer, wine, coffee, soft drink, etc; it makes cleaning your furniture that much easier.

How does Fabric Protection work?

It’s similar to wearing a raincoat. The water stays outside & doesn’t penetrate inside.

Our Australian made protector repels both water and oily spills.

A protector to suit your particular fabric is applied to new or freshly cleaned Fabric.

After application & it’s dry, it makes each fibre less absorbent so that it resists absorption of liquid spills.

It makes spot cleaning easier and makes fabrics last longer and able to be cleaned better than unprotected fabrics.

Will it need to be replaced after it is professionally cleaned?

Proper upholstery cleaning should not remove a well applied protector, especially if the right cleaning agents have been used. Like everything, it does not last forever.

In the tropics, we generally recommend professional cleaning of household furniture every twelve months, & re-application of the Fabric Protector after each second or third clean, depending on the use it is getting.

Why not give Shorty a call on 0409 774 253 to inspect, treat & clean your furniture now, before it is too late.

We do recommend that all upholstery be professionally cleaned at least every twelve months.

BONUS: 25% discount on FABRIC PROTECTION when we clean your fabric upholstery at the same time..

So if you feel that there is something that we may help you with, give Delia or Shorty a call on 0409 774 253

All we ask is that, PLEASE, DO NOT TRY & TREAT any soiling yourself with information from a friend, the web or a salesperson.

These people have not been trained in identifying the various fibres, nor do they know what is a safe ph level to use on the fibres without further damage.


Here’s an example on carpet of a major problem that many refused to attempt.

Before treatment

Here’s a testimonial from the happy owners:

Hi Shorty, I have attached the before & after pictures, hopefully you can use these on your website.

Our new wool carpet was left with a large orange stain from a rug that had been left down for just a few months.

We contacted several local carpet cleaners and they either came over to assess the carpet or looked at photos I sent them, every one of them told us the staining had been caused by a dye transfer from rug to carpet due to the rug  or carpet becoming wet, I indicated that neither had ever been wet, they all insisted it had been wet or moist due to our tropical climate and said there was nothing that could be done.

We were recommended to contact Shorty.  He came out, had a very good look at both rug & carpet and told us it was due to ‘off gassing’ from the latex rubber used on the backing of the rug and agreed & accepted that the rug or carpet had never been wet, he treated the rug and made several return visits to re-treat and ensure the carpet looked as good as new - which it now does !

Thanks Shorty, you have saved us thousands on a new carpet and when everyone else said it couldn’t be done you proved them all wrong !! Well done & thank you !

Thanks again !

Martin & Alison.

After treatment

Please, if you have any stain problems, DO NOT try products from the supermarket, nor advice from well known t.v. or radio personalities.

Many stains have been permanently set because of improper advice or inferior products which have caused hundreds/thousands of dollars damage.

Call Shorty for a qualified appraisal of your problem.


Sad as it may seem, accidents do happen, especially when children and/or pets are in the home.

Suddenly those mysterious stains appear, or there may be an odour that wasn’t there before.

Shorty  has been trained and certified by Wools of New Zealand and Woolsafe Australia, as well as many other organisations to care for your fine furnishings.


Multi-storey or high rise apartments may require different equipment for a thorough, quality clean.

We have invested in that equipment to give Cairns residents the healthy clean that they rightly deserve.


Apart from great heights, we service all suburbs from Edmonton through to Smithfield, including the Cairns CBD.

This takes in all suburbs from Edmonton, Bentley Park, Mount Sheridan, Forest Gardens, Bayview and Mooroobool, up through the Cairns CBD and Cairns North, Whitfield, Edge Hill, Kanimbla, Brinsmead, Redlynch and north to Smithfield.

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