Mattress Cleaning in Cairns

Do you suffer from Asthma or Allergies ?

We are now hopefully, finished with our “Wet Season” in Far North Queensland.

Something to think about:

How is your mattress not only looking, but how does it smell?

During the wet season, in times of heat & high humidity,

our bodies perspire more which may spread into your mattress.

You may have Dust Mites in your mattress.

This nasty little critter could be the trigger that starts any allergy symptoms.

The household dust mite is sharing your bed and pillows with you and your family every night.

They love warm, dark, damp places to live with a ready food source.

They feed on the scales of skin that we all lose every day, and because we spend

approximately one third of our lives in bed, this is their home that they share with you.

YOU may be supporting a giant restaurant that can feed

in excess of five million mites every night !

Every time you roll over in your sleep, you are creating a cloud of minute dust mite feces.

As you breath in, it is like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking in all those feces.

It’s no wonder many of us wake up feeling sick in the morning.

At Get Shorty, we use an Ultra Violet Cleaning System, in conjunction with a Very Low Moisture Cleaning system, plus Specific Allergy Relief products,

that help eradicate dust mites and make your bedding safer and healthier for your family.

Below are some pics of what can come out of your mattress,

our UV light Mattress Sanitiser & some of our specialised products.

Showing what was vacuumed out of a clean mattress in just five seconds.


Some mattresses that are extremely soiled, will need a much heavier cleaning system than the one pictured above.

Get Shorty can also supply this type of cleaning for you.


Give Delia & Shorty a call, or contact us via email, & ask about the

MasterBlend range of Allergy Relief products to protect your families health on:

0497 444 590