Upholstery Cleaning in Cairns

“Upholstery is not carpet ” !!!


We understand that your pets are part of your family

just like your children, & that there are bound to be “accidents”.

We can help solve these problems for you.


Not all upholstery requires a “deep” cleaning.

The material is a lot finer and thinner than what carpet is,

so it does not need to be saturated with cleaning solutions.

Doing so can wet the filling material and encourage

mould and other bacteria growth in our tropical environment.

Upholstery material needs to be treated more gentle than carpet.

Not all fabrics can be “steam” cleaned.

Cleaning furniture is not as simple as cleaning carpet.

This is why there are more carpet cleaners than specialist upholstery cleaners.

There are special techniques and concerns that the technician needs to be aware of.

There is a lot more surface area with crevices, corners, edges, skirts,

flounces and separate cushions that all need that extra care.

It is a well known fact that a lot of carpet cleaners will not clean upholstery fabrics,

especially exotic cottons, silks, velvet’s and even micro fibres.

To both Delia & myself, upholstery cleaning is a passion.

Microfibre has become a very popular fabric over the past couple of decades.

But it also needs regular care & attention to keep it looking pristine.

This fibre is very sensitive to sweat & body oils.

Using solvents on many Microfibres can permanently damage them.

Here’s a Microfibre that we recently restored.