Persian & Oriental Rug Washing

Delia & Shorty are pleased to announce that once again they will be washing Persian &  Oriental Rugs.

After more than a decade in the care & cleaning of Oriental Rugs, due to health concerns, we were forced to stop washing of Oriental Rugs.

After many phone calls from unhappy people in regard to how their rugs have been cleaned since we stopped, we have been making enquiries overseas.

The recommended method for cleaning natural fibre rugs is a full-immersion wet wash, then the rugs are rinsed, extracted, & then hung to dry with air assist for a quicker dry.

Some rugs do need to be dried flat due to their construction and fibres.

This is what we were previously doing, and something that no other cleaner has done or is currently doing in Cairns.


Now, with new technology from the USA, we shall once again be offering this service to our many previous clients and also welcome new clients.

We have purchased the equipment that will allow us to PROPERLY wash all rugs.

We have always taken the stance that if we cannot clean something properly, then we would not touch it.

Everything looks better after a good bath - especially rugs.

The Good News & The Bad News

Bad news, is not all that bad, however, all rugs must be delivered & picked up from our premises in Westcourt.

This is due to two factors, we no longer have a suitable vehicle for transporting the rugs, and I am not getting any younger to be carrying heavy rugs up & down stairs, etc;.

Good news is that this will save you money in transport charges & not having to be at home waiting for us to pick up or deliver.

Prior to washing any rugs, we undertake a full inspection

& advise the owner of any unforeseen problems.

Synthetic Rugs, Wall Hangings & Hall Runners??

No problem, we can also attend to the cleaning  & give them the TLC that they deserve.

REMEMBER:  As with carpets, all rugs should be vacuumed regularly, at least weekly, and rugs should be professionally washed approximately every three years.

SOME Synthetic rugs may be able to be cleaned at your premises when we are cleaning your carpet or upholstery, just ask Shorty.


We absolutely recommend a quality protector for your valuable rugs.

Just like upholstery gets those annoying spills, so too can your cherished rug.

Although protection is not bullet proof against all liquids, food, paints, etc; it can give you piece of mind knowing that if action is taken, most times, that problem can be removed.

Simply ask Shorty for his advice on your particular rug.

Delia & Shorty, proudly serving Cairns since 1983 are a family owned business, not a franchise.

If you have any concerns remember, we are only

a phone call away on 0409 774 253